What began as a memo… on an order form, has developed into the slogan for the most headstrong Belgian brand of spectacles: ‘Theo loves you’. To this very day, the motto connects everything Theo does, every decision, every collection. Theo keeps on surprising! Wondering what it will be next time? Stay tuned and let us entertain you!!!! Theo loves you!

Designed & Handmade in Antwerp Belgium
Established 1989

Groundbreaking | Unpredictable | Avante-Garde


A VISION • The wearer is more important than the product. Theo offers eyewear that is ‘in’ the wearer’s face, and not ‘in front of’ it. In other words, the glasses do not determine the personality – they support it.

ORIGINALITY • Each year Theo launches ten innovative ideas that lead to 50 new models.

STUBBORNNESS • Theo has never deviated from its initial intention to produce innovative design by applying new techniques that are occasionally foreign to the sector. Both style and appropriate technology are given priority.


DESIGN • If a certain style is ‘necessary’, it is made, even when this means that the optician’s specialist knowledge is fully called on, which in itself can put a brake on sales. A style must be ‘strong’. This means that the ratios match and that the lines are pure.

QUALITY • Everything can always be done better. Theo is also never satisfied with quality and is constantly striving for improvement. Today just 1% of Theo’s products are returned because of quality problems.


Once upon a time… at the Paris trade show Silmo in 1989, two fresh but driven opticians, both with their own stores, Wim Somers and Patrick Hoet, were excited to show what they had made to the international public. Eager as they were, they were somewhat nervous too, for it was their first time. Both felt a need to thoroughly change the landscape of spectacles. They had had enough of the mainstream glasses that they were selling and decided to launch a collection themselves under the name Theo. Now more than 20 years later, Patrick Hoet is still exclusively designing for Theo while Wim Somers is the big boss.


The Antwerp eyewear label Theo doesn’t believe in coloring inside the lines. That’s why Theo got in touch with the Bruges-based artist Strook. With his characteristic play of lines, he has literally made his mark on Theo’s latest collection.

Strook chose four elements that are representative of the city of Antwerp: ‘hand-throwing’, diamonds, the zoo and fashion. These four facets were the starting point. Based on the drawing, Theo created four pairs of glasses: a classic, vintage model (Zoo), a feminine model (Diamond), a rounded, unisex model (Hand) and an aviator style (Fashion). Each model has a little piece of the symbol of the city in the upper left-hand corner.