Custom Clip-Ons

eClips Custom Clip-Ons

eClips is a flexible and multi-function custom clip-on designs, that offers up to nine different chassis colors; with a UV blocking polarized and standard polycarbonate lenses. The Chassis are made from nickel-titanium alloy and high-grade stainless steel.

  • Nickel-Titanium
  • Superelastic Alloy; the material exhibits enormous elasticity, 10-30 times that of ordinary metal.
  • Polarized Lenses
  • A polarizing lens absorbs wavelengths propagating perpendicular to the reflected light. This absorption allows glare to be much reduced.
  • Three Stages
  • Engineered for optimum function. Three settings, for any situation. For most any frame.

Eclips Flip

Eclips Flip is a revolutionary new sunglass clip-on. We’ve taken a well-known concept and refined it to the point of perfection. Traditional flip-up clips are often bulky and their attachments clamp over lens and frame potentially causing damage to both. Our Flip system uses fine spring steel mountings with small rubber feet at the points on contact to the lenses. And since they are custom built to each frame, they are stylish as well as functional. Whether in the car passing through a tunnel or just running into your favorite coffee house, Eclips Flip marries form and function like no other clip system.

eClips 3

eClips 3 is the latest entry in our continuing effort to bring you the most adaptable custom clip-on system. Our new compression mount technology insures a rock-solid clip assembly with an even lower fitting profile on the clip lenses. The nickel-titanium, memory metal bridge is designed for maximum flexibility without compromise on shape or fit. With nine great chassis colors to choose from, Eclips 3 will complement any fra