“Let us Vinylize you.”  For the creators of  Vinylize, vinyl is a passion. The first Vinylize frames were made from old LPs purchased at flea markets. Vinylize has re-imagined a design classic by using vinyl records. From the beginning, vinyl gave the collection it’s distinctive look. The frames are big, thick, and rugged, not for the masses.  The grooves are an integral part of the design. The warm texture and color of the vinyl make the concept practical, interesting, and appealing with the vinyl record veneer making every frame totally unique.

Designed & Handmade in Budapest
Established 2004

Bold | Remastered | Exemplary Grooves | Imaginative


Vinylize combines the love of music, dedication to quality and the belief in individuality. Only the best materials and craftsmanship are acceptable when it comes to forming a Vinylize frame.

To guarantee the exceptional quality of Vinylize, every single frame is crafted by hand over the course of months in their European factory. Every frame is unique and represents the work of some of the best talents in the industry. The believe that the human touch is what truly turns their frames into award winning art. Choose wisely. Buy less. Make it last.

Eyeglasses and sunglasses made from vinyl records. Vintage style retro with a futuristic twist. Vinylize….It’s all in the grooves. “Vinylize your life!”


Vinylize makes all the frames by hand in their Budapest workshop using methods they have constantly refined and improved upon since their founding more than 10 years ago.

Only the choicest material is used. Each pressing is sorted according to thickness, age, provenance and flexibility. On average, only 65 pieces are made per model, making each Vinylize a “limited edition.”

Once all the parts have been prepared, cleaned, riveted, engraved and stamped, the frame is assembled. The numerous quality checks assure that the alignment, rivets and all details are spot on. Assembled frames are hand polished one by one, taking care not to polish off the grooves.


While searching for a new material to make eyelgass frames, company founder Zachary noticed his father’s old record collection in the corner of the garage.  A light bulb went off in his head: Why not recycle this abundant material into eyewear?

Three years later, in 2004, brothers Zack and Zoltan established Tipton Eyeworks and began making Vinylize.  The first series were made from Communist vinyl salvaged from the Budapest flea markets.

These durable pressings could still be played, even after half a century. To insulate it from the effects of heat, it is fused to biodegradable cellulose-acetate using proprietary technology.